Product & Services

Brake Pads/Lining Industry

Electroplated Diamond Wheel used to cutting and girinding the brake pads / lining. We can make custom shape and size of diamond wheel according to cus [ Read More ]

Glass and Lens Industry

In Glass and Lens industry, Diamond used for the following applications : - Sawing - Grinding - Drilling - Face Milling - Rounding - Contour Mil [ Read More ]

Replating Diamond Wheel

The Diamond Wheel that used for certain time will be worn out. Replating is one of our service for Electroplated Diamond Wheel that seal back the diam [ Read More ]

Rubber Belt Industry

Diamond Wheel usually used for profiling / make profile in Rubber Industries. We make custom shape and size for Diamond Wheel according to customer's [ Read More ]

Steel Industry

The CBN Wheel used for re-sharpening the profiling tools for steel production. This make the re-sharpening tools easier. We can make custom shape and [ Read More ]